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About Sokoto House

Our Objective

Sokoto House strives to create a space of learning and teaching that values the local genius of our community.

A place where leaders feel safe to coordinate and collaborate.

A nexus for place-making and transformative initiatives.

A place where youth feel safe to learn from mistakes and emerge as skilled instruments of justice and engineers of spiritual and economic prosperity.

The Sokoto House shall serve as a communal educational space that hosts a large variety of educational events, an expansive library, and opportunities for hands-on business and community development experience.

We welcome all good-hearted people.

Our Services & Resources

• Access to computers and printer
• Telephone, internet & Wi-Fi access
• Mentorships
• Youth & family advocacy
• Space for community use
• Family food support
• Workforce development
• And much more!

Our Leadership

The Sokoto House was co-established and continues to serve the community through a partnership between Abdul Hafeedh Bin Abdullah, founder and Director of Quality Life Blueprint, and Vance Williams, founder and Director of Advance Youth Outreach.

Executive Director

Abdul Hafeedh Bin Abdullah


Operations Director

Vance Williams



Programs Coordinator

Lily Nicole Nichelle

Community Coordinator

Brenda Galloway

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Our Location

The Sokoto House is located at 1219 Dawson St. in the heart of downtown Wilmington, NC.

Sokoto House building

Sokoto House is also home to Advance Youth Outreach and Quality Life Blueprint. Click or tap the address below for a map.

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