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Upcoming Events

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Sun, Mar 7, 6:00 PM - 8:30 PM
Sharpen Perspective Film Series: Outdoor Screenings, Discussion, Reflection, Food, and Celebration of Life

Join us at Sokoto House for a screening of documentary clips about the life and legacy of Fred Hampton, follow-up discussions, reflection, food, and a celebration of life. We encourage everyone to watch the film Judas and the Black Messiah at home or with friends prior to this event. Bring a chair and wear warm clothes!

Youth Leadership Development Program Orientation More info...

Orientation for Youth Leadership Development Program for participants ages 13-17.

CCCVPS Discussion and Q&A Session (Zoom Meeting) - Visit the Sokoto House's YouTube channel to watch the video. More info...

Panel discussion and Q&A regarding the Cape Fear's Comprehensive Community Violence Prevention Strategy via Zoom. Video of the event is available on Sokoto House's YouTube channel.

Announcement of Cape Fear's Comprehensive Community Violence Prevention Strategy - Visit the Sokoto House's YouTube channel to watch the video. More info...

Discussion regarding the Declaration of Racism as a Public Health Crisis - Visit Sokoto House's YouTube channel to watch the video! More info...

Hosted Events

The Sokoto House hosts a variety of events, some regular and some unique, but all to the benefit the participants, our community, and the free and healthy exchange of ideas and knowledge.

The following are a few examples.

Ecology Project

Photo of the Ecology Project during setup

The Ecology Project included meet and greets, various local vendors, ecology activists, keynote speakers, and short films, as well as a Black Lives Matter solidarity and neighborhood cleanup march.

Free Community Markets

Photo of Free Community Market

These recurring events, organized by the Lowercase Leaders, feature an open market of donated goods that are all free to the community. Think of them as large yard sales where no money is needed.

Outdoor Movie

Photo of Wilmington on Fire outdoor screening

Lowercase Leaders held a free outdoor screening of Wilmington on Fire, a documentary about the 1898 Wilmington coup and its aftermath, as well as a Q&A session with the filmmaker, Chris Everett of Speller Street Films.

Nights of Renaissance

Night of Renaissance announcement header

Periodically, Sokoto House holds a Night of Renaissance, where people meet to experience and take part in sincere intellectual exchange, culture, art, music, and food. An open mic, healthy connections, and good vibes in a drug and alcohol-free environment are featured.

Audio services for many Sokoto House events is supplied by Keith Sweezy of Sweezy Sound Systems.

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Sokoto House is also home to Advance Youth Outreach and Quality Life Blueprint. Click or tap the address below for a map.

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