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Cape Fear Community Racial & Health Equity Summits

2022 Summit

Our 2nd annual Summit will be held on September 16, 17, and 18 at Sokoto House at 1219 Dawson St. Covered topics and featured presenters will be announced as they are confirmed, so please keep checking back here for updates!

As with our previous Summit, this year's will include an opening ceremony with a concert, followed by two days of presentations.

2021 Summit

September 10, 11, and 12 at Sokoto House at 1219 Dawson St.was our first summit on racial and health equity! This event was free to attend in-person and Zoom.

Couldn't make it in-person or attend via Zoom? For a minimum donation of $20, you will be given access to all of the recorded presentations. Just use the DonorBox form below and be sure to comment that you would like access to the summit.

Great thanks to our guest presenters, sponsors, endorsers, those who donated, and participating attendees!

Summit Schedule

FRIDAY, Sept 10

7:00 PM

Opening Ceremony & Introduction

Featuring: Jane Jacobs - Tuscarora Nation, Abdul Hafeedh bin Abdullah, & Vance Williams

8:00 PM

Arts & Culture

Featuring: Shea-Ra Nichi

9:00 PM - 12:00 AM

Free Concert & Demonstration

Featuring: Shea-Ra Nichi, Shihan Mwalimu White Owl, and conscious Hip Hop artists


9:00 AM

CHWs, Youth Leadership, & Community-Based Organizations

Featuring: Abdul Hafeedh bin Abdullah

10:00 AM

Mass Incarceration

Featuring: Vance Williams, Herman Louis Brown, and Abdul Hafeedh bin Abdullah

11:00 AM

Economic & Workforce Development

Featuring: Dr. Terry Jackson

12:00 PM

Gentrification & Housing

Featuring: Abdul Hafeedh bin Abdullah and Ashley Daniels

1:00 PM

Ecology & Food Equity

Featuring: Melvin "OC" Milbourne, Ashley Daniels, and others TBA

2:00 PM

Sustainable Activism & Social Justice

Featuring: Lily Nicole, Vance Williams, and others TBA

3:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Barbecue, Family Activities, Arts & Crafts

Food, fun, and fellowship!

5:00 PM

Structural & Interpersonal Violence

Featuring: Abdul Hafeedh bin Abdullah

6:00 PM

History and Equity

Featuring: Christopher Everett and Lettie Elizabeth

SUNDAY, Sept 12

9:00 AM

Recap of Presentations

Featuring: Abdul Hafeedh bin Abdullah

10:00 AM

Advocacy & Health Systems

Featuring: Dr. Alicia Overstreet Galeano

11:00 AM

Indigenous Voices

Featuring: Chief Eagle Elk and Jane Jacobs

12:00 PM

Life of a Community Health Worker (CHW)

Featuring: Brenda Galloway

3:00 PM

Multimedia, Branding, & Marketing for Community Organizations

Featuring: Kevin Roberts

4:00 PM

Equity in Research

Featuring: Rumana Sanchita Shams Rabbani and Olivia Tucker

5:00 PM

Abuse Recovery & Resiliency, Addiction & Substance Abuse

Featuring: Tracy Harrison and Shihan Mwalimu White Owl

6:00 PM

Community Healing

Featuring: Rhonda Sekhmet-Ra

7:00 PM

Keynote Speech, Special Presentation on a Policy Proposal for CHWs as Racial Equity Advocates + Violence Prevention Professionals, & Closing Ceremony

Featuring: Sonya Bennetone, Abdul Hafeedh bin Abdullah, Rumana Shams Rabbani, Shihan Mwalimu White Owl, Jane Jacobs, and the Sokoto House Team

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