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Advisory Board

The advisors listed here actively contribute to the mission of Sokoto House and its initiatives through their subject matter expertise and direct support.

Alicia Overstreet Galeano, M.D.

Chief Medical Officer and Co-founder of Quality Life Blueprint

Brandon Cagle Haywood

Co-founder of the lowercase leaders
Global Ambassador, Castle Branch, Inc.

Frank Thompson

Founder of Planet Logo, Inc.

Kevin Roberts

IT and ISD Director, Mid Atlantic Safety Council
Founder and Owner of Grey Raven Media

Mack Coyle

Founder and Owner of Coyle Solar

Olivia L. Tucker

Population Health Analyst, Wilmington Health, PLLC

Rumana Sanchita Shams Rabbani, MHA

Co-Founder/Director of Improvement Science and Policy of CommUnity Healing through Activism and Strategic Mobilization (CHASM)

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Health Policy Research Scholar

Apostle Reginald Robinson D.D., AKA Shihan Mwalimu White Owl

53-Year Martial Science Professor

Vanessa Gonzalez

Immigration Attorney, The Law Office of Vanessa A. Gonzalez

Yasin Shabazz

Martial Arts Sensei

Sokoto House is also home to Advance Youth Outreach and Quality Life Blueprint. Click or tap the address below for a map.

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